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10.0 Award Documentation Requirements

10.1    Notice of Grant Agreement (“NOGA”)

The Agency shall prepare and issue the award documents to the grantee or subgrantee.  The documents shall include: a transmittal letter and a NOGA that contains the terms and conditions that apply to the award, any special conditions and performance standards that may apply, any available forms for reporting programmatic and financial activities and to request funds and any conditions for amendment and/or termination of the grant or subgrant.

The Agency shall ensure that the NOGA also contains, but may not necessarily be limited to, the following information:

  • Name, address, telephone number and email address of the granting Agency’s point of contact;
  • Grant or subgrant number assigned by the granting Agency;
  • Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number (if funding is from a federal grant);
  • Beginning and ending dates of the award;
  • Name, title, address and telephone number of the official point of contact for the grantee;
  • Grantee’s Tax ID or EIN number;
  • Amount of the funds awarded and the amount of any financial or in-kind matching resources, if any, that the grantee must contribute;
  • Signature lines for the authorized representatives from the Agency and grantee; and
  • Language incorporating the application by reference.

If the award amount and/or project period are different from those in the application or if the Agency requires further clarification of proposed performance standards in the application, the applicant shall be required to submit and obtain approval of the requisite modifications.  This may be accomplished either prior to the final award to the awardee or afterwards.  If afterwards, the award shall contain a special condition that prohibits expenditure of funds by the grantee until submission and approval of the required modifications or clarification.

The terms and conditions stated in the award document shall specify the administrative requirements to which the awardee must adhere. The terms and conditions shall contain, but not be limited to, the following items:

  • A statement that the award  is being made from federal grant funds awarded to the Agency, if applicable:
  • Citations to the statute and implementing regulations that authorize the award;
  • The grant’s CFDA number, if applicable; and
  • All applicable federal and District regulations, such as OMB Circulars A-21,A-102, A-110, A121 and A-133 and/or 1 DCMR 50;
  • Payment provisions identifying how the grantee will be paid for performing under the award;8
  • Reporting requirements, including programmatic, financial and any special reports required by the Agency; and,
  • Compliance issues and conditions that must be met by the grantee.
  • Deliverables, deliverable dates, reporting requirements, and the basis for payment.
  • A statement that the District reserves all rights to use any remedy available in law or regulation for the non-compliance with the grant agreement.

The Agency shall establish the official records of awarded grants or subgrants.  The Agency shall incorporate into its award files and retain the records of all awarded applications and subsequent reports for the period required by federal and District guidelines for grant records.

8 Note that subgrants are not covered by the District’s Quick Pay Act, D.C. Official Code 2-221 et. seq.