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Appendix 9: Sample Notice of Grant Agreement



The notice of grant award agreement (NOGA) is the official document which notifies a recipient organization that it has received a Federal or District award. To correctly understand what that award entails, recipients should read their NOGA carefully and pay particular attention to the terms and conditions on the award such as:

1.     Legal authorities that apply to the award

a.     Statutes

-     Federal legislation and any state or local laws

b.     Program Regulations

-     Must be published in District Register and on the District’s grants clearinghouse website

c.     Administrative Regulations

-     Codified regulations implemented by each grantmaking agency, based upon OMB circulars or statutory requirements

-     Administrative requirements

-     Cost principals

-     Audit guidance

d.     Agency regulations published in CFR (both program and administrative)

e.     Executive orders

f.     OMB circulars and directives

g.     Internal agency policy guidelines

Budget Request Amount (Funds should correspond to the budget request in the proposal)

Unilateral Changes (Any unilateral changes in project scope)

Type of Application (Application for a Grant or Cooperative Agreement)

Limitations or caps on reimbursement (for certain types of cost e.g., indirect cost)

Project period (start date and end date)

Payment method

Cost Sharing or matching requirements

Program Income (how will program income be treated)

Reporting Requirements (specific terms and conditions to reporting requirements)

Special project specific terms and conditions (If any)


The following examples of Notice of Grant Agreements (NOGA) include a Federal Agency to State Agency Grant agreement and State Agency to Local Agency grant agreement.   The documents are examples of an NOGA and are not mandatory templates.