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The Internal Services cluster empowers agencies with the tools, technology, facilities, talent, and confidence to focus on the efficient delivery of programs and services for employees, residents, businesses, and visitors.

The Internal Services cluster includes the following seven agencies:

DC Department of Human ResourcesDC Department of Human Resources

Director: Ventris Gibson

The DC Department of Human Resources (DCHR) provides human resource management services that strengthen individual and organizational performance and enable the District government to attract, develop, and retain a well qualified, diverse workforce.


Department of General ServicesDepartment of General Services

Director: Keith A. Anderson

The mission of the Department of General Services (DGS) is to elevate the quality of life for the District with superior construction, first-rate maintenance and expert real estate management. By building and maintaining safe and green state-of-the-art facilities which foster economic growth and elevate educational environments, our trusted and skilled employees create modern and vibrate communities across all of the District of Columbia.


Office of Contracting and ProcurementOffice of Contracting and Procurement

Director: George Schutter

The mission of OCP is to partner with vendors and District agencies to purchase quality goods and services in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost while ensuring that all purchasing actions are conducted fairly and impartially.


Office of the Chief Technology OfficerOffice of the Chief Technology Officer

Director: Lindsey Parker

OCTO’s mission is to direct the strategy, deployment, and management of DC Government technology with an unwavering commitment to IT excellence, efficiency, and value for government, residents, busiensses, and visitors.


Office of Labor Relations and Collective BargainingOffice of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

Director: E. Lindsey Maxwell

The mission of OLRCB is to effectively represent the District as the principal management advocate in the administration of a comprehensive labor management program.


Office of Disability RightsOffice of Disability Rights

Director: Matthew McCollough

The mission of the DC Office of Disability Rights (ODR) is to ensure that the programs, services, benefits, activities, and facilities operated or funded by the District of Columbia are fully accessible to, and useable by people with disabilities.


Office of Risk ManagementOffice of Risk Management

Director: Jed Ross

The mission of the Office of Risk Management (ORM) is to reduce the probability, occurrence, and cost of risk to the District of Columbia government through the provision of risk identification and insurance analysis and support to District agencies, and by efficiently and fairly administering the District’s public workers compensation and tort liability programs.


Independent Agencies

Boards and Commissions


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