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1.0 Introduction

This Grants Manual and Sourcebook (“Manual” or “Sourcebook”) is for the use of the District of Columbia and its Offices, Departments, Agencies, Boards and Commissions (hereinafter referred to as “Agencies”).  It establishes “best practices” policies and procedures for the application for, acceptance of, and disbursement of private, federal and local grant monies.  It supersedes all prior pronouncements on this subject and provides general city-wide guidance to Agencies’ grant staff regarding the administration and management of their grantmaking activities.

The Sourcebook also delineates an overview of the minimum requirements for the programmatic and financial operations of grants and subgrants awarded by the District and any of its covered Agencies.  It is intended as the resource for grant program managers as they administer and manage their respective grant and subgrant programs.  In addition to containing applicable policies and procedures, the Sourcebook includes an Appendix containing relevant law, rules, and regulations as well as sample forms and certifications.  It should be used as the first reference for specific requirements and directives for all covered entities.  However, Agencies may supplement this Sourcebook with Agency-specific requirements where required by any District or Federal statute or regulation.