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3.0 Scope

3.1    Scope of Covered Entities and Grants

The policies and procedures set forth herein apply only to those Departments, Offices, Agencies, Boards and Commissions that are subordinate to the Mayor of the District of Columbia.

An Agency shall comply with the Sourcebook’s policies and procedures when performing grantmaking activities as they apply for, receive, and administer any competitive grant or sub-grant funded by federal, local, or private funds.  Block or formula grants or sub-grants are not subject to the Sourcebook’s policies and procedures. Additionally, the Sourcebook’s policies and procedures are examples of best practices which should be adopted by Agencies performing non-covered grantmaking activities.

Agency grant managers should never consult this Sourcebook alone.  They must be familiar with and follow all statutes and regulations that govern a specific grant as well as written guidance from the funding source regarding administration of the grant.  A grant manager is responsible for knowing whether any of those authorities conflict with the terms of this manual.  Grant managers are encouraged to consult with their General Counsel’s office or the Office of the Attorney General if they have any questions about what authority applies to a specific grant.

3.2    Waiver Applications

Where an Agency believes its covered grantmaking activities are governed: 1) in whole or part by a superseding federal statute or regulation; 2) some contradictory local law or regulation; or 3) there is some other legitimate reason not to follow all or part of the procedures set out by this Manual, it may submit a request for a waiver from that section of the Sourcebook that it reasonably believes conflicts with the grantmaking activity.  Waiver requests shall be submitted to and decided by the Grant-Making Procedure Waiver Committee composed of representatives appointed by the Attorney General, City Administrator, and OPGS.